PR, Community Relations,
Events, Speakers' Bureau,
Marketing for 55+ Older Adults, Seniors, Boomers, and their Families

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We’re a horse of a different color. Our forte is communicating with older adults and their families. Peer marketing ‘takes one to know one’ and we offer lots more than PR, marketing, event production and community relations. We have our in-house speakers’ bureau and the top social networking expert. We create innovative (in-new-vative) events and opportunities for our clients to raise public awareness, grab media attention and reinforce credibility. We do all this to reach the basic goals of our clients: to deliver their services, products or mission statements to vastly larger more receptive audiences. That means improving the bottom line.

  • EVENTS & AWARENESS MARKETING. We seek, target or create high profile public and community events for clients to work together with major organizations. Identification with large organizations involved in major events draws major media, heightens credibility by association and develops deep personal ties leading to future opportunities.

  • SPEAKERS. We’re the only marketing experts to provide speaking opportunities for public events.

  • ADVOCACY. Charles Kauffman works closely with key local, state and national leaders and many profit, nonprofit, NGOs and associations, to facilitate communication.

  • COMMUNITY RELATIONS. State of the art Social networking, viral marketing, print, TV, radio, cable, internet media, word of mouth, community and press are tools we employ to maximize recognition and minimize expensive advertising. We help you choose the right mix for your needs.
Kauffman Connects! There’s gold in those gray hairs!
Read our marketing blog - then Contact us. should not be confused with of the Ewing Kauffman Foundation. The Kauffman Foundation is devoted to entrepreneurship, whereas creates innovative events and opportunities for its clients to heighten public awareness.
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