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Marketing for 55+ Older Adults, Seniors, Boomers, and their Families

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Charles Kauffman, CEO of, says ‘the 55+ market embraces seniors, boomers and their families and they have lots of discretionary dollars and fewer obligations”. Almost every type of business or organization will benefit by cultivating this rapidly growing, diverse, multi-segmented, huge audience. They comprise over 12% of the population and consume virtually every type of service and product.

Connecting involves more than traditional public relations and media advertising. Older adults respond to sensitivity, respect and honesty, they need time and attention.  Appealing to them demands a medley of PR, direct marketing, event engagement, advertising and community relations techniques. places its clients in high- profile, well publicized local and national events and activities. It engages them in coalitions, committees and events where they work with key members of major organizations. Active engagement builds personal friendships and deepens professional relations, heightens public awareness and gains media attention. A well-publicized association with a major organization will also make them more visible and more credible. Kauffman often engages clients as speakers to provide content to create interesting and informative events for seniors. It also uses new internet communications, applications and social networks.

Medium and small business owners don’t have time to manage, sell, and market. They compensate by spending more money on expensive unproductive and unfocussed media advertising and spend valuable time on vacuous networking. actually reduces their advertising and promotional spending. It creates real credibility, more engagement and makes a positive social and economic impact on them individually and in their communities.

Chuck Kauffman is a senior, and believes that  “it takes one to know one”. He has a strong record of producing real growth for its clients delivering their services, products or mission statements to larger more receptive audiences. They get more bang for their buck and achieve impressive returns. Contact for a brief, free consultation.