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I served on the newly created Community Planning Board #8 in New York City in 1960 and we embraced the dynamic development of the Upper East Side. That situation is analogous to the one existing here now in Chevy Chase. My personal belief is that the future impact of enhanced transit on commerce and on this area has been vastly underestimated.
The proposed Purple Line offers Montgomery County a rare opportunity for robust development of a transit- oriented mixed use, 21st Century modern community. This area will exceed both Friendship Heights and DuPont Circle in economic dynamism. The planning board should encourage and enhance the use of this valuable and available land and the development assets that are offered.
I believe that sector development should and will embrace the best interests of the entire community, its neighbors, seniors , future residents and visitor-users. It therefore must be economically viable. This area will produce jobs, income, homes, recreation, parks and amenities which do not presently exist. It can become the most vital economic segment of Montgomery County.
(1) Development should be holistic with full mixed use as opposed to defined strip center type shopping. The plan should include amenities for seniors and younger residents including local shopping services, parks, well- lit walkways, recreation and exercise facilities.
(2) To achieve this end – developers should be allowed to build taller buildings rather than lower. The height should complement the height of 8401 Connecticut Avenue and to offset the added height more publicly attractive and useful amenity space should be offered to the community.
(3) Financing and management of amenities should be underwritten by those developers and operators who are reaping profits with the participation of government and community representatives.
Underestimating the impact of a Purple Line terminal will inhibit development and result in the underuse of an area of enormous economic vitality to community and to transient users who will bring interest, amenities and prosperity to the area.

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