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Employment per se is psychologically and physically beneficial and invigorating at any age. Today outside employment for seniors is scarce. Seeking it is often frustrating and humiliating. Efforts focusing on “Retraining and recycling” and “employment expos” while creditable, require great effort and produce minimal results. In a real sense they may create unwarranted optimism and ultimately result in frustration for older job-seekers.


Services and products can be produced less expensively by retired seniors

1.    They do not require health insurance since they are covered by Medicare.

2.    They don’t require contributions to an I.R.A. or similar plan.

3.     Their financial goals are mainly to augment existing retirement funds and social security.

4.    Most desire  part-time rather than full-time work and they are available to work, as needed;

5.    The family financial pressures such as mortgage payments, tuition, and child rearing expenses no longer exist.

6.    SeniorEncores will match seniors with the experience and skills required to perform specific tasks.

 Montgomery County is Ready now for

The lack of employment opportunities for seniors converges with the growth of population in this fairly affluent County and growing needs of young families and seniors make Montgomery County an ideal site for initiating Senior Encores.

 Examples of SeniorEncore ENTERPRISES envisions the formation of many income producing guild- like mini enterprises. For example:

a.    Executive and professional consultancy. Tax, legal, executive.

b.    Create and compile a 24/7 phone manned – county- wide “list serve” for aging in place communities;

c.    Research & Development;

d.    Thrift and consignment shops; organized tag sales for recycled merchandise, 

e.    Patio and Balcony design and maintenance;

f.     Website design, development and maintenance;

g.    Social network response management;

h.    Telemarketing – Surveys – Direct Marketing-focus groups;

i.      Neighbor to Neighbor Services:

1 House sitting

2 Plants and Pets

3 Baby sitting and adult day care

4 Readers –

5. Bookkeeping and bill paying.

5 Chauffeur or local shopping

6. Cupcakes. Bread and Cake   Food and home-made goodies

7. Homemade meals delivered. Customers would be working young families who don’t have time to prepare proper dinners, as well as seniors.  Daily delivery of home prepared meals. Cakes and cookies and other culinary specialties.

8. Neighborhood patrol force.

9. Minor home and appliance repairs; “OLD GEEKS” – Computer services.

10. Small non- physically taxing chores.

11. Home and neighborhood security patrols – like air-raid wardens.

12. Portable parties – “port-o-party”-children & adults sidewalk preparation, garden or inside set-up.

13. Sale and leaseback.  Assist troubled homeowners in default to sell and rent in their homes instead of being foreclosed.


Senior Encores blends beautifully with the nationwide growing popularity of Aging in Place Villages.  Currently, there is much duplication and overlapping in many activities now performed individually by each of the existing villages. Many tasks can and should be consolidated, combined and used by all of the villages on a County- wide basis. These tasks would be organized and staffed by skilled older adults.

The goal of creating a true “one-stop” concierge service can be achieved by combining under one roof,

  • ·list-serves,
  • ·volunteer management
  • ·transportation assignments,
  • ·administrative software and support,
  • ·mailings,
  • ·membership,
  • ·volunteer recruitment and training
  • ·Communications: creating, printing, distributing, social networking communications

 Unifying these common activities Villages would be save time, labor, and money enabling them to achieve the freedom to fulfill their basic neighborly missions. An added benefit in combining these services less than one organization would be the ability to attract major long term – consistent funding from large endowments to a single source. This would free villages from the constant necessity of seeking small grants and time consuming membership solicitation.

Hypothetical Case: “Chevy Chase Home-made Cookie (Club) Factory”.

The “Factory” would employ the skills of a lawyer, accountant, bakers, designers, decorators, and administrative, sales and promotional people. SeniorEncores identifies a possible business for senior’s living in the Village of Chevy Chase. It is selling fancy decorated cookies at retail. An open meeting at the Town Hall or school is announced and the enterprises are described. By a member of SeniorEncores’ board. Personnel need a lawyer, accountant, bakers, designers, marketing, decorators, and administrative, sales and promotional people to launch the enterprise. At a second meeting a market study is undertaken to determine viability and competitiveness of the product. Lawyer researches requirements for a home based cookie baking business, design and marketing devise ways to make product unique and saleable. A market plan is developing and a draft will be presented with samples of the product at the next meeting. Legal outlines the requirements of health dept. etc. All reports are assembled in a Final Plan and Projection by Accountant who assembles all available information and comes up with a financial projection.

           The end result indicates that the group can sell and market Fancy cookies which cost $.50 each to retail at $2.50 with a wholesale cost to vendors of $1.00. Estimated sales of 1000 per week growing to 2000 in 6 months. New cookie designs, personalized birthday cookies are projected. A line of ceramic Chevy Chase cookie jars is being planned. Holiday specials are planned, small kiosks in malls, street vending in summer are discussed as future plans’

                                   COMPENSATION AND EQUITY

The participating partners receive approximately 75% of the equity (perhaps distributing 10% to the “village” or neighborhood association). Working members receive $12 per hour.

 SeniorEncores would  receive 25% per cent of the equity of  Chevy Chase Cookie Company and receives a royalty of 10 per cent of the gross sales. The equity and commission paid to SeniorEncores will fund popularization and expansion of SeniorEncores and enable it to provide seed money to future micro businesses.

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