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It is the primary function and the essential job for teachers in Montgomery County’s elementary and high schools to provide intensive English language, basics and civic education. Montgomery County is now diverse and multi-cultural. These newer residents left their birthplaces to seek aspects of “The American Dream” for themselves and their families. Their ultimate goal and ours, is citizenship and a place in our society for their children. In multi-generational households it is the children who will “teach America” to their parents and grand-parents. Education is “viral” and moves upward generationally.

Schools don’t have the time, the teachers or the assets for less important diversions. Pan-culturalism is fine but ‘Teaching America’ must come first. Civic education defines a common culture and will inspire students to greater goals.

Teach first, then treat the 13,000 elementary school students who now have limited English ability as ambassadors. Nurture each family’s American Dream, their hopes and aspirations. Encourage the children not only to learn but also to bring home to their families, the beauty of our language, our history and values.

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